Ideas sometimes come to you at the strangest times.  There I was one evening, lying in the bath on holiday in Egypt when all of a sudden I had my Archimedes “Eureka” moment.  I actually did shout “Eureka!”, causing my wife to jump out of her skin!  I’d had an idea bubbling below the surface for some time that involved manufacturing a cool, while still practical, zip puller. I had been wondering for three or four years how to take the idea and make it truly brandable for the after sales market.  Then the design popped into my head, exactly as you see it now.

It has taken about two and a half years for the design to be perfected in such a way that it was manufacturable.  I first trawled the UK looking for a manufacturer but to no avail.  I decided to go to China to source some of the components, which was a superb experience.  The crucial part was setting up the manufacturing facility here in the UK and with the help of some expert advice from Liquid Lens Europe Ltd, this has now come to fruition.  Early on I took the step of learning to use all the design software such as Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator as my philosophy, in business is that the business owner should know the whole of their business from the ground up.

We now have the machinery necessary to brand the with your logo, text or even a photograph in amazing quality.  We don’t need you to order thousands either – the minimum order quantity for trade customers is just 100!

Now that it’s here, I am delighted with the result.  I hope you will be too.



Thanks to this simple but inspired invention I can now replace the broken tabs on the zips of my fleece coat, my suitcase, my handbag and my dog's duvet cover which I was going to throw away - and show support for my favourite dog breed at the same time. It has saved me ús

F. Sargeant